Beyond Bucks: 5 ways to make a difference for FREE

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Although donations are a massive way to make a difference with local nonprofits there are so many additional ways you can help!

1. Word of Mouth: We love when people are able to refer us to friends or family that have an affinity for our cause! Whether they are people who could use our resources and take part in our program, or are established members of the community that could volunteer or donate, word of mouth is KING!

2. Volunteer: We will soon be needing volunteers for our life and skill development courses. We will be hosting these monthly for the women in our scholarship program and for community members (for a small fee). We would love to have experts from the community come teach these. We will be working through subjects such as: financial literacy, professional development, communication and conflict resolution, goal setting, and stress management.

3. Follow us on Social Media: We are currently on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn under: @buildmothersbuildtheworld. We share content consistently and would love to hear your comments, or have you like or share! This helps get the word out to others in the community about our program.

4. Share Your Stories: Are you a mother currently attending school? Did you earlier? Or have you had family or friends that went through this? We would love to hear from you!

5. Be Involved: We want to be involved in the local communities we are serving and connect with local people. If you want more information on our programs we would love to meet with you. If you know of local events that coincide with our mission, we are more than happy to spread the word and attend if we are available. We want to be involved and make a difference!

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