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Program Training and Post Graduation Employment:

We have a large focus here at Build Mothers, Build the World on community development.  We hope to keep many of our graduates here in Wyoming by helping to secure local jobs for them.  We can only do that with the help of our local businesses.  Contact us to see how we can work together to provide career placement opportunities for these women. 

Education Course Involvement:

We will be providing monthly life and career development courses for the women going through our program.  These will cover a variety of subjects including financial management, entrepreneurship, communication, goal setting, scholarship and grant application assistance, etc. We are looking to have volunteers from the local communities, that are experts in these fields come and teach the courses.  In addition,  we will be offering these courses to other local businesses and employees for a small fee.  Contact us for more information. 

Community Nonprofits:

We are always happy to partner with other like minded nonprofit organizations in Albany and Laramie counties.  All that we ask is that you email us to create a formal partnership, and promote our organization to mothers and families that would be impacted by our program.

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